These are from letters and emails recently received:

Thank you very much for your contribution to our daughter’s wedding celebrations.  Your music was just right for the occasion!

At last we have the final figure for the jazz night!  We made the splendid sum of £1,300.  That is absolutely fantastic.  It was a wonderful evening..... and so many people sang your praises.

I have had numerous people saying it was really good and when are we doing it again!

As I am sure you were aware at the time, everyone thoroughly enjoyed your music.  People are still talking about it with smiling faces and sparkley eyes.

Just a quick note to thank you for an outstanding set at our wedding.  It was some of the best New Orleans jazz that I have heard outside of New Orleans (not only my view, but one shared by many of the guests....)

Fun and fund-raising are the key objectives of many customers.

We are often invited back to perform again, underlining the fact that the band is as profitable for organizers as it is popular with audiences.